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Got some great tips to improving your marriage today and if your marriage is currently “spluttering” a little and seeming in need of an oil change then a marriage check up could be the answer.

Consider your marriage a little like a motor vehicle…without a regular check up it’s eventually going to run into problems. Make sense? This is the advice we ran across at recently which suggests you can improve your marriage with a check up. But you need to to this right otherwise you will continue to run into issues.

For example, the report suggests you organize a meet up with your partner at least once every three months and give yourselves a marriage makeover. You talk about what’s working; what’s not working, any issues you are not happy about and what you can do to resolve them.

Now we want to make it clear that the trick in how to make a marriage check up work in your favor is to first listen to each other and avoid confrontation. Easier said than done right? At first, if you feel you you cannot contain your emotions and could “get ugly” then have a mediator present…someone you really trust or even a counselor.

Love is in the air . . . or is it? How strong is your marriage or relationship with your significant other? You may think you know, but are you sure? What would your spouse say? The strength of your relationships is more important than any investment you’ll ever own. If you’ll obsess over the stock market and how well your portfolio is doing, doesn’t it make sense to invest a few of the other 8 hours into a marriage check up?

After juggling careers, kids, and life, there can be very little time left over for your spouse. When there is too much to do and not enough time, our relationships are typically the first victims, followed closely by sleep. Fortunately, we have Valentine’s Day to save us! But when it comes to love and relationships, this once-a-year-thing isn’t working.

The key to a richer life is making sure the big three are running smoothly: health, money, and relationships. The good news is that you can go to a doctor to get a physical and determine with great accuracy your current level of health — everything from your BMI, cholesterol level, blood pressure, bone density, etc. The same holds true with your finances. It’s just as easy to get a snapshot of your current financial health by calculating your net worth and cash flow.

But when it comes to our relationships, we often don’t have a clue. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a check up or stock market type score for your marriage to see how last night’s fight has affected the relationship today? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to gauge how the relationship has done over time? As much as you want to rely on your gut feeling, there’s really no way to know how strong your marriage is . . . or is there?…..

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So, is a marriage check up a good idea? Is it something you will now look at or are already doing? If so, what are some of the tips in making a marriage check up work you have that you can share with our readers?

One of the problems that affects many couples is assuming things are sailing along without any problems. Even I had a wake up call recently when I assumed how great things were but had no idea my spouse was going through an issue. I didn’t ask her if everything was okay. I just assumed they were. As the reports says, you can’t just assume.


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