Social Media Cheating: Do People Cheat With Social Media?

Social Media Cheating: Do People Cheat With Social Media?

Is Social Media to blame for people cheating?

Is social media cheating real? Do people cheat with social media? What the heck is cheating with social media anyway? These are some of the questions we’ve been getting in recent weeks so we figured there must have been some type of study conducted on social media cheating and marriage? We couldn’t find one but we did come across some interesting information on our travels online.

In one report below, we learned there is a definite spike in divorce cases and social media and texting so in that regard, if you are wondering if social media affects the health of marriages and relationships then the answer would have to be yes.

But we ant to make a distinction following the video for those who are blaming social media for their problems in marriage. The social media issue is looked at about three minutes into the video. It’s well worth spending a few minutes watching.

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So, social media cheating is real and if you are cheating using it or texting a heck of a lot then be aware that this stuff is more than likely going to be used as evidence if things go wrong in your marriage or relationship.

Now as far as blaming social media being the cause for marriage problems, marriage break ups and divorce, we don’t agree that you can blame the social platform. You need to be blaming the people using it. Social media just happens to be a tool people can use to share information.

However, you don’t see it being advertised as a medium for cheating. So anyone who tells you it’s the cause of cheating then they need to take a long hard look at themselves. We liken it to the use of guns; guns don’t kill, people do. Does that makes sense. Please share your feedback.


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