Christian Marriage Counseling Advice

In today’s world wherein marriage is no longer taken as seriously and where divorce is so rampant that so many children end up being raised in a broken home, there is a growing need for Christian marriage counseling.


Because a family is the core of the society and marriage is what holds it together. If the institution of marriage totally crumbles, can you imagine what kind of society we would have?

Christian Marriage Advice

Children raised in broken homes would try to live life differently but would have a tough time because they have no role models to guide them.

That is why couples today need to take heed of Christian marriage counseling. It is not just for them (although it would greatly benefit them) but for the good of their children and their kid’s children.

Christian Marriage Counseling Questions

So what is the core of Christian marriage counseling? The main truth is whoever was brought together and bound by God must never be separated by man or whatever circumstance. God invented marriage and by that alone, it is holy. The only time that one can be freed from it is when the spouse dies. Otherwise, you have to work through it.

Now you are probably thinking, “What if you are miserable in your marriage? Isn’t that grounds for divorce?” The answer is no however you do not have to stay in an unhappy marriage either. The answer is logical.

Christian Marriage Counseling

Try to resolve your problem with your spouse instead of running away from it and demanding a divorce. Marriage exists because it is good and consequently, the couple should be happy. If there are problems in the marriage, it is nothing that calmly communicating with each other by expressing emotions in a loving manner cannot resolve.

It also helps to have an open ear and heart to listen to what your partner is saying. By understanding each other, striking a compromise and having concrete action points, you can get through even the toughest time in your marriage.

Christian marriage counseling can help you through it. That is why when things get rough with your marriage, you must always run to the best people who can provide sound counsel.