Catholic Marriage Counseling

Catholic marriage counseling is for Catholic couples who are experiencing unresolved and perhaps even prolonged problems in their marriage that cause them to worry about their future.

Catholic marriage problems are not so unique from other marriages when conflicts are a given in marital life, however Catholic marriage advice is appropriate for lasting harmony in the union of a Catholic couple.

Catholic Marriage Advice

How do you know when you need counseling? You need to have a discussion with your partner on how each of you thinks of your marriage at the moment. If one or both of you are bothered by existing problems such that they distress you about the future of your marriage and you are unable to settle these worries among yourselves, then it is time to seek counseling.

Needing a counselor is not an indication of weakness in your marriage. It is an affirmation of your commitment to stay together especially when faced with difficult marital problems.

Catholic marriage counseling is ideally different from other types of marriage counseling. The counselor approaches marriage with a belief that it is a sacred covenant between the husband and wife and that their union is meant to be a lifelong partnership. The counselor shows ways to integrate Catholic teachings of the Christian faith in the daily lives of the couple. He helps the couple discern what’s wrong in the marriage and how to fix the problems.

The goal of Catholic marriage counseling is to help troubled couples make the right choices according to the teachings of Christ so as to lead more fulfilling lives within their marriages. The counselor guides couples in a meaningful discussion about their marital problems such as neglect, parenting issues, emotional or physical abuse, conflict over finances, power struggles and other issues that strain the relationship.

Catholic Marriage Problems

The counselor is the effective moderator between couples who are struggling with communication especially over matters in which they have intense emotional involvement. A capable counselor should be able to improve the communication and bridge the gap between couples.

Once the problems are mutually understood, Catholic marriage advice is then dispensed. Catholic marriage problems can slightly differ from others in that they can also be based on differences in applying the faith in a couple’s everyday life.

These differences alone may not be the cause of a breakdown in the marriage but can contribute to compounding problems in a troubled relationship. Catholic marriage counseling helps couples address not only mundane problems but also spiritual matters to truly support the union of a Catholic couple.