How To Tell If Your Partner Is Having An Online Affair?

How To Tell If Your Partner Is Having An Online Affair?

Would you know if your partner was cheating online?

How to tell if your partner is having an online affair? Imagine coming off a time machine from the 1970′s and landing in the 21st century and hearing “how can I tell if my partner is having an online affair? You’d probably think…What! What the heck is an online affair? Well, that’s the language we are speaking today when it comes to catching your spouse cheating on you.

There’s a really eye-opening report at looking at internet infidelity. It cites a case where a woman was able to catch her husband red handed. It might shock you or it might not surprise you at all. How rife is online infidelity? And more importantly, is cyber-sex actually cheating?

The Internet has made it easy to view pornography and even have Internet affairs or “cyber-sex.” In fact, 8 to 10 percent of Internet users actually become addicted to cyber-sex and one-third of divorce litigation is actually sparked by online affairs.

The big questions are: Is cyber-sex considered cheating? Is it actually adultery and what should you do if you suspect that your spouse is having an online affair? How close is a cyber-affair to a real affair? How easy is it to cross that line?

To help sort this all out, Dr. Joy Browne, radio talk-show host, author and clinical psychologist and relationship expert, and a woman named Christine who used spy software and caught her husband contacting women over the Internet, offer their views on the matter on The Early Show.

Christine suspected that her husband was having online affairs. She says what tipped her off was, “Long hours on the computer in his office. And when I’d walk in, he’d be switching so I couldn’t see what he was doing. He’d say he was working. And then I had gotten a picture sent to me from my sister and I’m not very computer literate, and I was checking the computer to find out where I put the picture when I downloaded it. I started finding pictures that he had – some very interesting photos.”

So Christine installed a software package called eBlaster by Spectorsoft on the computer that she and her husband shared.

The program kept track of all activity on the computer including all e-mails, instant messages, Web sites visited and even every keystroke made from that computer. Reports were e-mailed to her, and that’s how she caught him…..

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How Can I Tell If My Partner Is Having An Online Affair?So, how to tell if your partner is having an online affair? Is this something that’s been playing on your mind? What are some of the things that have raised suspicion that they might be having an affair?

Internet infidelity is quite serious now and one of the areas that still seem a little gray is whether it’s actually cheating. We say yes, definitely. This has been a landmark year with online cheating dominating the news. It certainly has raised further awareness to the problem.

If you caught your spouse cheating online without any physical contact would you leave them? Would you give them another chance? Would you consider it as serious as if they had cheated on you physically? Don’t you think that rather than call an end to the marriage it would make more sense to try to get to the reason for the cheating? Lots of questions and discussion points. We’d love to hear your thoughts so feel free to comment.



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