How To Tell If My Partner Is Lying About Money?

How To Tell If My Partner Is Lying About Money?

Do you know if your spouse is lying to you about your financial situation?

So, how to tell if my partner is lying about money? Let’s get one thing straight; if you are wondering is my partner lying about money and is lying about money in marriage cheating? The answer in our opinion is yes and for the simple reason that marriage is a team game and while you might have separate accounts, when one person takes it upon themselves to spend the family money on selfish things without letting the other know then yes, that is a form of cheating.

A recent poll published at National Foundation for Credit Counseling and reported at shows that one in four people would not tell their partners if they were experiencing financial difficulties. That is pretty disturbing isn’t it? The tips to talk to your partner about money issues in the article are going to go a long way to at least helping you get some discussion going so you can find out why the problem is occurring and how to fix it.

* Don’t approach the subject in the heat of battle. Instead, set aside a time that is convenient and non-threatening for both parties.

* Do make it a casual conversation about a serious subject, respecting the fact that each person has valid opinions and concerns.

* Do be honest about your current financial situation. If things have gone south, continuing the same lifestyle that was possible before the change in income is simply unrealistic.

* Do be open to adjusting your lifestyle. If spending cutbacks or second jobs are necessary, resist whining. It’s likely that your situation will be temporary, and you could end up regretting the pity party you hosted.

* Don’t hide income or debt. This is known as financial infidelity. Instead, bring financial documents, including a recent credit report, pay stubs, bank statements, insurance policies, debts and investments to the table.

* Don’t point the finger of blame. That’s a real conversation stopper.

* Do probe to understand long-held financial attitudes, often present since childhood and ingrained by observing how parents addressed money issues.

* Do acknowledge that one may be a saver and one a spender, understanding that there are benefits to both mindsets and agreeing to learn from each other’s tendencies…..

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My Partner Is Lying About MoneySo are you wondering how to tell if my partner is lying about money? The truth is, you are not alone. It seems to be a bigger problem than many think. Just do a Google search for that phrase and see how many results you come up with. Has cheating in marriage with money affected your relationship with your spouse? To what extent and did you get things resolved to get your marriage back on track?

I remember a friend having an issue with his partner and it causing massive problems. It revolved around her spending boatloads of money on clothes; shopping big department stores, shopping on high interest credit cards and racking up a lot of useless debt. All the time keeping it quiet. She needed help but kept silent. He wanted to help her but by the time he found out it was too late.

The message here is clear; no good will come out of keeping silent about mis-managed finances in marriage. You might be surprised if you come clean at the response and at the same time, save your marriage.


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