How To Tame Your Mother-In-Law!

How To Tame Your Mother-In_Law!

How well do you get on with your mother in law?

Today, some controversy before we even start with our title “how to tame your mother-in-law!” But we thought it was appropriate because the article is really about how to get on with your mother-in-law.

And most of us want that don’t we? Sure we do.

A post we spotted last year at was one we wanted to share with you a little earlier than today but it’s better late than ever right? It’s basically a list of tips to make nice with your mother-in-law and seems aimed at you girls.

And that makes sense doesn’t it. Say no more.

But seriously, if you are having problems with your mom-in-law we understand but stand back for a minute and ask yourself whether it’s really all her doing. Not that we’re saying you are at fault but here’s your chance to make good with her.

Dr. Robert Ludwig has listed 5 excellent tips which we feel will be a big help in your quest to “soothe the savage beast”. Oops, there I go with those sayings again. If you’re a mother-in-law, it’s just an expression of speech. Hope you understand.:)

It’s all too common for me to hear horribly painful stories about the more-than-hard to take mother-in-law. As the mother of a son (granted he’s only 13 years old right now), I get it. Why would any mother want to share her fabulous son with another woman? The problem is, if you raise your son to be a healthy adult, that’s exactly what is going to happen. After all, he can’t marry his mother! So, how does a lovely lady deal with her beloved’s mother, particularly if she isn’t so keen on sharing her son with you?

We get to pick our partners, but we don’t get to pick what type of mothers they have. It might be that you never love your partner’s mother; maybe she isn’t loveable, but as long as you’re in your man’s life, she is going to find her way into yours. Since there’s no way around it, the best strategy is to find some way to survive her. After all, it’s important to keep in mind that she did raise this man that you fell in love with. You may not want to give her total credit for him, but mothers do have a way of shaping their son’s personalities as well as their feelings about the women in their lives…..

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So, ready for the challenge? Are you up to it? Or are you disgusted that we would even suggest that you be the one to “make the running” and create goodwill? Shame on us.

Anyways, here are those tips again:

- try to spend some alone time with her
- allow your spouse to spend alone time with her
- have rational discussion with your partner about what you want from his mom
- always remember that there is room for the two of you in your partner’s life
- suck up a little to her…just a little:)

And remember this line if you are having problems trying to get on with her…”If you find your partner to be a good guy, his mother probably had more than a little something to do with it”. That just about says it all don’t you think?

Good luck!

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