How To Stop Arguments In Marriage

How To Stop Arguments In Marriage

What issue causes the most arguments in your marriage?

So, how to stop arguments in marriage? Boy, wouldn’t you make a lot of money if you knew how to stop married couples arguing. Truth is, there are ways you can stop a lot of disagreements in marriage and it all revolves around using technology to do it. Makes sense; we are living in an age when technology reigns supreme.

We found a great article at psychologytoday.comĀ  which looks at five of the major triggers for arguments in marriage and then the solution. Ladies, do you often get upset because he leaves the toilet seat up; or guys, how often do you get told to turn down the television volume right at the moment when your team is about to complete a touch down? Don’t you hate it? Well, time to put those arguments behind you.

How often do you argue with your spouse about driving, the television being too loud, their snoring, the toilet seat being left up, or needing to remind them repeatedly about social engagements? Some gadgets and technologies can help prevent arguments with your spouse!

Most couples complain to one another about the same things. What determines their marital satisfaction is not what they argue about but whether they voice their complaints productively. Alas, few couples know how to complain to one another without starting an argument (which is why I wrote an article titled: Complain to Your Spouse without Starting and Argument. For an in depth discussion of how to complain to spouses and loved ones in ways that will actually strengthen your relationship, see my book The Squeaky Wheel).

Ideally, couples Of course, it would be better to simply avoid an argument to begin with. Thankfully, certain products can help prevent five extremely common marital complaints and the hours of arguing that follow:

1. Problem: Complaints about Leaving the Toilet Seat Up

It’s the middle of the night and you got up to go to the bathroom. For a split second you feel as though you’re falling but then you hit the cold wet porcelain rim of the toilet. Wide awake, your heart pumping, you lower the seat while plotting revenge on your happily sleeping husband.

Solution: Motion Activated Toilet Night Light with Seat-Up warning

The LavNav is a motion activated night light that only comes on in a dark room: A red light if the lid is up, and green if the seat is down. The red light also serves to help men aim-great for middle-of-the-night-blurry-eyed conditions. Bid farewell to cold toilet rim encounters and the revenge fantasies that follow…..

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So what do you think? Aren’t they some of the best tips to stop arguments in marriage you’ve come across? Have you seen them before and are you using the solutions tipped in the article? Do you have other solutions to stop marriage arguments? We’d love to hear them so please share.

Was there one particular issue among those listed that really triggers arguments in your marriage? The toilet seat issue is a major one in most marriages but as a guy, I could never understand why. Sure sometimes she might sit on cold porcelain once in awhile but come on girls, what about some thanks for actually lifting the lid before we point and fire into the toilet bowl? What do you think guys?


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