How To Avoid Money Problems In Marriage?

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What you need to know in how to prevent money issues from destroying our most intimate relationships!

So, how to avoid money problems in marriage? The problem with asking this question is that too many couples wait until they have walked down the aisle and get hitched, run into money issues and then look for a solution.

The truth is, that many money problems in marriage can be avoided if couples would simple be open with one another before they get married about their spending habits, their debt levels and what they owe.

Level with each other about whether you are a good saver or compulsive spender. And doing it before you get hitched is going to save you a lot of grief during married life. But even if you are already married then don’t despair; there are solutions.

Here are a short list of excellent tips from Philip Cioppa at These are tips to avoid money problems in your marriage and are expanded upon in the following post:

- you need to make short and long term financial goals together
- make an obligation to help each other pay of each others debt
- develop a budget for your household…this is extremely important
- agree to limit reckless spending like using store cards
- don’t hide your spending from each other…always discuss big item purchases

Love is grand!  But when a couple says “I Do,” they could get more than they bargained for if they do not go into their marriage with their eyes wide open regarding the state of each another’s finances. For example, my wife and I married later in life, owing a combined total of $179,000 in secured and unsecured debt. Needless to say, most arguments during the early years of our marriage revolved around money. (This all happened before I became an advisor and got a bit more savvy about money matters.) Thankfully, although it was not always easy, we were able to work through our money issues and pay off our debt while still putting money in the bank.

Many married couples are not so lucky. In fact, conflict over credit and debt is a leading cause of divorce. Therefore, I always advise couples who are about to marry to become familiar with one another’s credit histories and scores, to be up front with one another about the kinds and amounts of debt they owe, and to spend time talking about their philosophies when it comes to using credit, saving, and spending.

If their philosophies differ, I urge them to reach an understanding before their marriage about when they will use credit, how much debt they feel comfortable with, how much they will save each month, and so on. I understand that this recommendation is not romantic, but couples that talk about the state of their respective finances and about their money values and priorities before they marry are more likely to live happily ever after than couples who don’t…..

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Can you recognize a theme developing in these tips in avoiding money problems in marriage. It’s communication. Many problems occur when one spouse is out of control and making purchases or trying to  create more money through spending without telling their spouse.

This is dangerous as when problems occur and they “hit a snag”, the secrecy is what will usually be seen as a betrayal by their partner and many marriages will end because of this. Joe Cuenco is a top marriage analyst who talks about the importance of communication in the following short video. He talks about making a plan, sticking to it and talking about it.

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We loved Joe’s tip about putting off a major purchase for a day or so. Things like cars; you can buy on impulse but try and temper that impulse even for an hour and see what happens. You’ll be surprised at just how much you really needed it…or didn’t.


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