How Do I Fix My Marriage Problems?

How Do I Fix My Marriage Problems?

Can technology help solve your marriage problems?

If there was just one solution to fix all marriage problems in the world, then there would be little use for marriage advice experts. Someone recently asked us how do I fix my marriage problems and while we have answered this many times in the past with a variety of solutions, there really is no one “fix all solution” to marriage problems.

Or is there?

How about technology? Could technology solve marriage problems? Could your smartphone be the answer you’ve been looking for. Okay, let’s come clean. Today’s post has a lot of humor attached to it and while marriage problems are no laughing matter, we feel the following video might make a few of you actually have some a-ha moments as to what is really wrong with your marriage.

The recent launch of the new iphone spawned a lot of reaction from comedians in relation to the voice called Siri. Does Siri really have all the answers. Could she be a voice between a man and a woman? You decide as this will give you a laugh but look at the underlying message. Actually, it’s a little disturbing as to how real it is.

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Okay, still wondering, “how do I fix my marriage problems?” While the video was a send up of new technology based on the original ad, we looked at it and actually got a little scared at just how representative of many married couples the two main characters in the video might be.

What hit home were the things each person was telling their phone to pass on, is exactly what might be going around in the minds of many husbands and wives about their spouses. Are there things you want to tell each other or ask each other but will never do it face-to-face to avoid confrontation? You’d rather express your feelings through something or someone else?

We always label lack of communication as the number one cause of marriage problems. People who live and sleep together yet find it hard to make even the simplest communication with each other. Think about this and watch the video again. Is there a little of your relationship in that exchange? Let us know if it really hit home.


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