How Can You Tell Someone Is Cheating?

How Can You Tell Someone Is Cheating?

How Can You Tell Someone Is Cheating?

So how can you tell someone is cheating? What are the warning signs a man is cheating? Might be best to ask someone who is actually a cheater or in other words, “get it straight from the horse’s mouth.” It looks like cheaters are being put on notice and if you have ever wondered what the signs of infidelity are then a new book titled “The Married Man’s Guide to Cheating: Rules and Regulations of the Game” could be just what you are looking for.

A report at looks at how you can spot a cheater and whether cheaters can be transformed. It’s a great subject and one which many want to get involved in but for some reason, feel uncomfortable talking about to others. Well, you may be thinking the book mentioned is a guide on how to cheat but come on, if you really want to catch your spouse cheating why not get the same handbook they are working from. Make sense?

“Marriage is work and a lot of people don’t want to put in the work sometimes,” says “Mr. Goodbar” (not his real name), a self-proclaimed cheater and author of the book “The Married Man’s Guide to Cheating: Rules and Regulations of the Game” (, $9.95). “So many times we don’t want to talk about our needs and what we’re thinking because it might be scary.”

Mr. Goodbar interviewed several cheating men for his book, and by revealing the warning signs of a man who will stray, he hopes he will motivate couples to express their needs and desires before it’s too late.

“Stepping out on your marriage happens because there isn’t communication,” Mr. Goodbar says. “I think this information could help women learn how to make their marriage better. Sometimes just knowing what’s going on in a man’s mind can be helpful.”

So how do you know if someone is cheating? Mr. Goodbar, who wrote about men cheating, gave the following tips that apply to men and women:

“Whatever you are getting by cheating, whether it’s intimacy or appreciation or that rush of falling in love, it’s a novelty,” says psychologist Kelly Minor, who has treated male and female cheaters. “You get hooked on that and if you don’t wake up to it, you just stay in these patterns.”

Mr. Goodbar says not enough couples go to counseling, which can be the key to saving a marriage when the infatuation wears off…..

Have you been cheated on by your spouse? Did you know what was going on or did it come as a total surprise? More to the point, did you recognize some of the signs mentioned in this article and if so, what did you think of them at the time? Please share your thoughts with us as we always appreciate them.

We’d also like to get the opinions of those men who have been cheated on by their wives. Cheating is something may of us have been on the wrong side of and it’s got to be one of the most betraying moments you can ever experience.

If you have been someone who has been cheated on please share your feelings with us. Did you give your spouse another chance or did you end your marriage right away? ᅠᅠ

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