Does Facebook Really Cause Divorce?

Does Facebook Really Cause Divorce?

Do social media sites like Facebook really cause divorce?

Does Facebook really cause divorce? Does Facebook cause marriage break ups? In a word no and while you might be thinking “hold on, that’s not what the experts and media are saying”… Yes, we hear you but no one with an ounce of intelligence can blame social media sites like Facebook for marriages ending in divorce.

Here’s what we think; Facebook is a tool available to all of us to keep in touch and share things with others. We alone are responsible for what we post and who we communicate with. We are responsible for how we communicate with others. Facebook is just a vehicle; it’s a platform for us to use. To say Facebook causes marriage break ups is crazy.

It’s like people and guns; guns are dangerous in the wrong hands. On their own, without anyone using them they “couldn’t harm a fly”. People hurt people. People cause marriage break ups, not social media sites.

Okay, rant over. Here is another view at

Everyone has a Facebook account these days. In fact, my brother’s cat has his own account (although his updates are sadly lackluster). But along with learning who recently ate a burrito for lunch, it turns out that Facebook and other social networking sites are being named as cause for ruining many marriages.

According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, Facebook use is now cited in one in five of every US divorce cases. Over 80 percent of divorce lawyers claim that the rising use of social media has become the catalyst for extramarital affairs.

But really does Facebook cause divorce?

The thrill of being acquainted with old friends can be enough of a turn-on to spark casual conversations. Those personal conversations, between two emotionally available people, can lead to a deepened sense of intimacy which can lead to actual physical contact.

It’s highly unlikely that a harmless Facebook poke is given with the idea of conducting an extramarital affair. It’s more likely that these people, some of whom have previously dated, are interested in catching up on old times, and these personal interactions can lead to deeper, more meaningful connections…..

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Does Facebook Cause Marriage Break Ups?Okay, we agree with the assessment made in the report and the last line “Facebook, of course, doesn’t cause divorce, but it certainly makes it easier” is spot on. It does make it easier but at the end of the day, no one is twisting anyone’s arm to post what they post. However, as a way of incriminating offenders in divorce cases then what’s being said on Facebook is being used by attorneys to strengthen their cases.

In fact, it’s become an epidemic of evidence and what we can’t understand is…why do people get so bold on a platform where despite it’s supposed anonymity, access to transcripts can be taken to be used in divorce cases. Don’t people realize that it’s not just between two people in what gets said; it’s shared among friends of those people as well. And the harm this can cause to others being spoken about is damaging.

This report posted earlier this year shows how nasty things can get.

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Social Media And Divorce

Social Media And DivorceThere’s little doubt that social media and divorce have developed a relationship. But does Facebook really cause divorce? Does Twitter cause divorce? No they don’t but the stuff that’s been posted on these sites has made the job of savvy divorce lawyers a heck of a lot easier to win divorce cases with the amount of evidence available to them.

People’s lives have become a virtual open book these days. You have to think long and hard before lying to your spouse about completing an errand or picking up the kids from school; to say you are busy at the time but your status on a social media site shows otherwise is hard to argue with.

New York divorce attorney, Daniel Clement, discusses social media and its impact on divorce and family law issues.

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So, does Facebook really cause divorce? Need we answer it again. It’s people’s actions that cause divorce. Social media is a fabulous platform and when used correctly it can be tremendous to be part of. But just be careful how you use it; careful what you say and who you interact with.

If you have some feedback to share then we’d love to hear from you. Do you think social media causes divorce?


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