Couples Who Argue In Marriage: How To Resolve Marriage Arguments

Couples who argue in marriage is not uncommon but if you are arguing constantly and there are kids in the home then you need to take stock and stop it immediately.

Marriage problems through arguing are one thing but when the constant arguments affect children it’s more than just a disagreement between two adults. One couple have taken the right step and addressed their issues after getting some timely advice over arguing in marriage. The following tips might help you if you are at each other all the time.

DEAR FAMILY: Is it normal for a husband and wife to fight over just about everything that comes up? We can’t seem to agree on anything; both of us just know we’re right. The other day our 9-year-old daughter told us — in the middle of one of our arguments — she was sick and tired of us “fighting like her two little cousins.”ᅠ

That made my husband mad at her and he started attacking her for being “disrespectful.” I tried to defend her and all we wound up doing was making her hysterical.

She ran to her room and I went in and talked to her after a little while and promised her we would try to do better. We both grew up in homes with lots of fighting and unhappiness and we don’t want to do that to our children.ᅠ

I don’t think we know any other way to solve a problem than all out war. There has to be a better way. Can you give us something to read or do? — WANT TO CHANGE…..

Do you argue constantly with your spouse? Is it the only way to resolve your marriage issues you know or do you realize it’s wrong and damaging your marriage? Have you found a better way to resolve issues other than arguing about them?

Many arguments in marriage start over selfish issues and until either one or both people involved can see things from the other person’s perspective, nothing will change. Please share your success story and how you were able to beat the arguments and return some tranquility within your home. Your thoughts may help others do the same.

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