Can Legal Separation Help Your Marriage?

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Can legal separation help your marriage? Or in fact, can legal separation help save your marriage? These are excellent questions and while there are no guarantees about whether a legal separation can actually prevent divorce, the fact remains they do give couples some breathing space to really assess if they are meant to continue together as a married couple.

So how do you get a legal separation? Well, you’ll need to talk to an attorney about this but before you do, talk to your spouse first. Unless you both agree to take the step of a legally separating then there’s no point in spending money in getting legal advice.

We spoke about the advantages of a legal separation and according to a report at there are many. Here’s a few in a nutshell:

- It gives a couple a time out from their marriage and some breathing space. It gives two people the chance to step away from the issues they are so close to and an opportunity to look at them from a distance.

- It allows two people to reflect on their problems without the obvious conflict making thinking a lot easier and clearer.

- Being apart may make counseling sessions seem more attractive and decision-making in this area won’t be made on high emotion

- A legal separation will allow the courts to make distinctions between the couple’s belongings including the children if they are also involved

If serious marital problems have brought you to the brink of divorce, a legal separation may help save your marriage.

With the current divorce rate at more than fifty percent, traditional marriage appears to be in danger of extinction. If you are experiencing serious marital problems and are thinking about divorce, consult your attorney about a legal separation first.

A separation does the work of a divorce, without the final dissolution of the marriage bond. Rather than give up altogether on your union, a separation offers certain advantages that can breed hope and second chances.

1. Getting a formal legal separation is a little bit like taking an informal timeout from marriage problems. When insults and hurts fly thick and furiously, it may be time to step back and disengage for a while, allowing both partners and issues to cool down. Some couples opt to remain in the same household, especially if there are children, to maintain the family structure, at least temporarily. In other situations, one of the partners may choose to move out and stay with a family member, a friend, or even get his or her own living quarters on what hopefully may be a temporary arrangement. Physically defusing the household in this way can lead to a calming effect for everyone while major points are negotiated…..

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The number of couples who end up together again after divorce might be higher than you think and the subject of another report but for now, know that the legal separation route is open to you and you should consider it if there seems to be hope that you can save your marriage.

Time out can often do wonders for two people and the biggest advantage we see is that with emotion not being a factor, someone can look at things more objectively and sensibly rather than making a decision on the spur of high emotion.

Making a rash decision when emotions are running high such as during an argument is dangerous and many people regret their decisions. Will this be you? Or in fact, has this been you? If you are divorced do you wish you had of had the chance to go through legal separation first?


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